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Airy is committed to protecting your privacy.

1. Items of Personal Information Collected and Methods of Collection

Airy does not require any membership registration and personal information. However, the advertising ID you give to users for advertising and analytics is provided to Google AdMob for in-app advertising and Google Analytics for usage analysis, and the process and responsibility for this is at Google AdMob and Google Analytics.

Airy strictly adheres to Google Play’s guidelines regarding identifiers such as Advertising ID, and does not store them in any app, or transmit or store them on the Airy server.

User analytics data is completely anonymous by Google Analytics. Airy uses your location information only within the app and does not send it to or store it on any server.

Favorite list, search history, and setting information are recorded only in the app and are not sent to or stored on any server. If you delete Airy, all information will be deleted together.

2. Contact Information of Personal Information Manager

  • Name: Herbert Hyung-taek Lim
  • Email:

3. Other

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the collection of personal information by the advertising platform included in the App provided by the App.

4. Obligations of Notice

If there are any additions, deletions, or modifications to the current privacy policy, we will notify you through this site at least seven days before the revision.

  • Revision Date: October 7, 2018
  • Effective Date: September 18, 2018